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Marriage Equality USA’s NYC closing party

What do you do after you’ve worked yourself out of a job? Throw a party at The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center! Marriage Equality USA did just that in New York City, just 2 days before the 1 year anniversary of the Obergefell arguments at the Supreme Court.

This is what two decades of campaign swag and photos look like.

DSC_7178-minDSC_7174-minDSC_6856-minDSC_6842-minDSC_7168-minDSC_7167-minDSC_7165-minDSC_7158-minDSC_7156-minDSC_7154-minDSC_6810-min (1)DSC_6795-minDSC_6844-minDSC_6841-minDSC_6793-min - Copy

DSC_6850-min DSC_6834-min DSC_6835-min

Every organization displays a thank-you note from the President at their closing celebration, right?DSC_6819-min (1)

Current (and final!) MEUSA Executive Director and his fiancé Jonathan were game for my questions.


I’d like to submit as my thesis that this series of photos visually depicts Brian’s commitment to quality and attention to detail and gives some insight as to why the organization was so successful. “Jonathan just erased his! I need the eraser.” “It’s OK, I’m sure everything looks great.” “I’m redoing mine.” “OK, Brian.”

SCOTUS plaintiffs Joseph Vitale and Rob Talmas.


New York plaintiffs Michael Sabatino and Robert Voorheis





Congratulations to all! Marriage Equality USA as an organization is no more – but their network and resources live on as part of Freedom For All Americans. There’s plenty more work that needs to be done, and FFAA is on the job.


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And in the end, the left was right

DSC_6176 (2)

Well, after all the predictions that we were going to get something different out of the court – about how they’d decide, about when they’d announced, about who’d write the decision, about how the numbers would split – in the end, we got an announcement the day they’d announced similar decisions twice before, written by a justice who’d written those same decisions and a split from a divided court along predictable lines. But, unlike Windsor two years ago, when the 26th fell on a Wednesday (not that that had stopped anyone from celebrating), this year the court was nice enough to release on a Friday. In our favor.

Pam and Nicole, 2 of the Ohio plaintiffs, traveled to DC for the decision and were kind enough to take part in this project. Grayden and Orion, not pictured, are both off-the-charts adorable. That’s Spencer Perry behind them, and if you squint extra hard you can see Kris and Sandy way in the back.

DSC_5303 Pam and Nicole show each other editedDSC_5305 Pam and Nicole show me edited

DSC_5292 Rachel and Kelly show me editedDSC_5391 Kara and Ami show each other editedDSC_5407 Kara and Ami show me edited

DSC_5355Michael and Kevin years together editedDSC_5362 Michael and Kevin show each other editedDSC_5377_edited

DSC_5310 Sheila and Kathy years together editedDSC_5324 Sheila and Kathy show each other editedDSC_5328 Sheila and Kathy show me edited

DSC_5250 Michael and Pedro years together editedDSC_5269 Michael and Pedro show me editedDSC_5277 (2)

DSC_5286 Rachel and Kelly years together editedDSC_5290 Rachel and Kelly show each other editedDSC_5292_edited

I waited too long to go to the lockers after the decision was read, so I wasn’t able to run out the front doors right away with the first viewing group and I got “stuck” behind with the plaintiffs while security waited for some of the crowds to disperse. It wasn’t intentional on my part, but it meant I was able to get some interesting behind-the-scenes photos. To wit:


Oh hey there John Becker

Oh hey there John Becker

Enough court! Party time!

DSC_5413 HRC love wins window sign edited

DSC_5420 HRC cake editedHRC_staff_yearstogether_editedHRC_staff_showeachother_edited

DSC_5440 Adam and Ryan years together editedDSC_5445 Adam and Ryan show each other editedDSC_5446 Adam and Ryan show me edited








This happened:


But before it got really dark, there was this:







Nellie’s! Town! Marriage! Friends! Angelina’s pizza!








SAGE Metro DC had their annual summer pool party the next night

DSC_6128 (2)DSC_5987_edited


Hurray for supportive parents Fred and Marge!


DSC_6098 (2)DSC_6118 (2)



DSC_5998_editedDSC_6009 (2)DSC_6012 (2)DSC_6098 (2)

I brought my camera with me Sunday morning, just for fun. I found this trio chillin’ in A-town. We’re everywhere.

DSC_6145 (2)DSC_6150 (2)

I don’t know what, if anything, this blog will be now that marriage is here, but the “road to marriage equality” series is certainly complete. Creating this has been quite the ride (literally, with trains 🚄 and buses 🚌!) and I’ve had a blast. Thank you for being a part of it, however you were! 😍

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Equality Virginia’s Annual National Dinner (and everyday awesomeness)

So! Equality Virginia held their annual fundraiser April 18th. I was only able to photograph one couple in front of the step and repeat because competition for that was FIERCE.


I WAS able to photograph one of the plaintiff couples, Carol and Mary, with an awesome assist from their awesome daughter Emily during the “no peeking” part!


Virginia got marriage last year, so some of the couples who were finally able to get married in-state mentioned that. Jenn and Sharon had gotten engaged just the day before! (That shiny thing on Sharon’s left hand is a flashing engagement ring and you should be super sad you didn’t get one.)





There was color coordination, natch.


And then I GOT PROOF:


Here are some BFFs getting in on the action


More couples



The match of the night!


And I ended when they kicked us out (haha) at midnight, with a group of friends, because who says friends can’t all love a thing about each other? Exactly.


You can check out EQVA’s photos and make a donation at equalityvirginia.org. Congrats on another amazing event!

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Palmetto love


“At 10:30am on November 20, we received notice that the US Supreme Court did not grant the SC Attorney General’s request for a further delay in the issuance of same sex marriage licenses. Therefore, we are now accepting applications for marriage licenses for same sex couples.

Debora Faulkner

Greenville County Probate Judge”

Well, it finally happened! South Carolina is #35!


Here’s the state seal. Translations are as follows . Below the tree: He has planted one better than the fallen” “Prepared  in Mind and Resources” Above her: “While I Breathe I Hope” “Hope”

Licenses were $35 but couples could get a pretty keepsake envelope for an extra buck.


The local Fox affiliate arrived at FIVE AM  to camp out outside. Ouch.


There was general merriment (marryment?) and adorableness, both outside…


And inside. As always, click to make ’em bigger.  Look how excited Hughston and Edward are!

P1040076 P1040082P1040084









They came back after the 24 hour waiting period with their kids. In a limo. OMG.



Couples were able to pick up their license the next day after EXACTLY 24 hours. The first couple to apply, David and Sonny, were also the first to pick up. They were 13 minutes early.



It's time!

It’s time!





And the very last couple of the day, Steve and Dru.

SC last couple namesSC last couple 2SC last couple 3

Congratulations, Palmetto State residents! Thank you for all the love, and all the barbecue.

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OMG! On October 6, 2014, in an unexpected non-decision, the Supreme Court denied cert in several marriage cases, immediately bringing equality to my home state of Virginia as well as Utah, Oklahoma, Wisconsin and Indiana.

Arlington County held a presser with Virginia’s Attorney General, Mark Herring, and state and county elected officials.

HerringelectedsOct6County clerk Paul Ferguson announced that his office would begin issuing licenses immediately.

clerkPaulFerguson It was amazing. It’s been a few weeks and couples have received licenses so I’m pretty sure I’m not dreaming.

Party at Arlington’s Freddie’s Beach Bar!

Tara and Michelle, 4 years, 4 months


Jody and Brian, 17 years


Rick and Joe, 16 years


Scott and Matt, 11 months and 10 days


The Unitarian Universalist Church had a celebration on Sunday, because duh!


Arlington County Chair Jay Fisette and his husband Bob Rosen, 31 years


Human Rights Campaign after party at The Dignitary


Happy 8th anniversary to Jason and Daniel!


Scott and John, 20 years


Becky squared 🙂


Sometimes the temptation to peek was unbearable.


Ariel and Nathan, 21 years



Cody and Matt, no idea because I forgot to ask. I basically forgot to ask everyone at Nellie’s.


Jason and James.


Lucy and Alex


Amanda and Angela.


SMYAL’s Fall Brunch after party

 Katy Ray and Erica, 1 year


Lisa and Tonya, friends for 20+


Crys and Tarishi, 2 years, 3 months


Congrats! Only 18 to go!


OMG! On October 6, 2014, in an unexpected non-decision, the Supreme Court denied cert in several marriage cases, immediately bringing equality to my home state of Virginia as well as Utah, Oklahoma, Wisconsin and Indiana.

Finally! Legal Observation & Recognition In Delray & Auburndale!

Marriage equality arrived in Florida on January 6. Palm Beach County clerk and comptroller Sharon Block opened the Delray office late Monday night and performed a group ceremony at 12:01. Someone brought a speaker and started playing At Last while couples were waiting for the office to open. (Click to make them bigger)

Miami crowd couples dancing At Last

Miami line out the door OK photo, couple in frontMiami crowd line OK photo

Clerk & Comptroller office signR_Florida_courthouseP1040840

Miami packed clerk's office 1

It was just like the DMV, if people at the DMV were happy.

It was just like being at the DMV, if people at the DMV were happy.

They had their own photographer

PB clerk's office photographer 2 - use

Miami lesbian couple at counter - use!

These brothers were excited for their moms...

These brothers were excited for their moms…

But their sister was NOT having it (it was super late, to be fair)

But their sister was NOT having it (it was super late, to be fair)

I got one nice one

I got one nice one

Look, it’s Martin and Mark again! First, I asked them how long they’ve been a couple

Martin and Mark 3,

Then, I asked them to share their favorite thing about each other. They showed each other,

Miami Mark and Martin reveal 3 niceMark and Martin smiling reveal good

Then they showed me

Miami Mark and Martin show me 2 nice

Here they are at the midnight ceremony

Mark and Martin renewing vows - use!

And here’s some more love

Christina and Liz back of shirts - use!Christina and Liz kiss from friendChristina and Liz years together  - use!Christina and Liz reveal - use!Christina and Liz show me - use!

Kandice and Karen names - useKandice and Karen show each other - use!Kandice and Karen show me - use!Kandice and Karen kissing with license - use!

Glenn and Peter normal photo - use!Glenn and Peter years together - use!Glenn and Peter reveal - use!

Frederick and David years together use!Frederick and David show me - use!Frederick and David license - use!

Adam and Christopher time together - use!Adam and Christopher reveal 7Adam and Christopher show me - use!

Barbara and Yolanda years together 1 - use!Barbara and Yolanda show each other - use!Barbara and Yolanda show me 3

Francine and Brianna time together - use!Francine and Brianna show each other - use!Francine and Brianna show me - use!

Denise and Stacy show me marriage license! use!Denise and Stacy years together - use!Denise and Stacy show me - use!

Paul and Aramis year together 2 use!Paul and Aramis show me - use!

Dave and Jack names - use!Dave and Jack show me - use!

Donald and Jim years together 3 - use!Donald and Jim show me - use! Who's that in the corner! Suze Orman! Wait! Who’s that in the corner???

Everybody cheered for the clerk and her staff when they arrived, but we all lost our collective mind when Suze Orman showed up.

PB Suze is in the room! 5PB Suze is in the room! use!PB Suze Orman and officials 3

This couple decided to sit down while they waited for midnight to arrive. I could not have supported them more.

This couple decided to sit down while they waited for midnight to arrive. I could not have supported them more.

Irma and Julia reveal use!Irma and Julia show me - use!

Yay! Midnight! The office put out little cards so folks could write about why marriage matters to them. The cakes were separate but equally delicious. I checked.

PB cards - use!PB female wedding cakePB male wedding cake 2PB certificate of marriage sample - use!PB rotunda crowd 5PB Michele and Monica at group wedding 7

Clerk Block and her staff really did seem genuinely excited about the news. She was still taking photos with people when I left at 2:30am.

Barbara and Yolanda with clerk - use!Clerk Bock posing with couple - use!Clerk Sharon Block in rotunda posing with couples - use!Michele and Monica with clerk Bock - use!Me, Traci and clerk Bock! Use!

I served as a witness (my first!) the next morning at Mike and Armond’s wedding, officiated by Reverend CJ McGregor of the First Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Palm Beaches.

PB Mike and Armond wedding Rev CJ reads from phone amazing use!.

Yes, the Reverend was reading vows from his phone, and yes, it was amazing.

PB Mike and Armond wedding holding hands use!PB Mike and Armond wedding vows 2 use!PB Mike and Armond wedding vows 4 use!PB Mike and Armond wedding kiss 2 use!

Gotta make it official!

Gotta make it official!

PB Mike and Armond with license rotate! use!

PB Mike and Armond wedding names use!PB Mike and Armond wedding reveal smile use!PB Mike and Armond wedding close up 1 use!PB Mike and Armond wedding close up 2 use!

Marion and Wayne

PB Marion and Wayne wedding blessing from rev - use!PB Marion and Wayne wedding laughing - use!PB Marion and Wayne wedding holding up certificate - use!PB Marion and Wayne wedding hug - use!

"We can't exchange rings because I can't take mine off!"

“We can’t exchange rings because I can’t take mine off!”

PB Marion and Wayne years together - use!PB Marion and Wayne show me - use!

There was a small group gathering in front of the courthouse. Lake Worth city commissioner Chris McVoy gave some remarks and took photos with Shirley and Joan.

PB Rep McVoy with Shirley and Joan - use!PB Shirley and Joan names - use!Shirley and Joan show me - use!

SAVE Dade and ACLU Florida held their own celebration and vow-renewal ceremony that night in Miami.

SAVE ACLU Miami event sign 5SAVE ACLU Miami event sign 4SAVE ACLU Miami event sign - useR_Florida_courthouseP1040899

Alina & Jess names 2P1050013 P1050014P1050017

Alfredo & Pedro names 1 useAlfredo & Pedro reveal 2 -- use!Alfredo & Pedro reveal 2 -- useAlfredo & Pedro kiss 2 use!

Fernando & Drew names -- use!Fernando & Drew funny - Fernando shows me, no MarkFernando & Drew reveal 3 - useFernando & Drew show me 1, no Fernando

Miami Juan and Thom names use!Miami Juan and Thom reveal - use!

Carlos & Christian names 1 use!Carlos & Christian reveal 4 - useCarlos & Christian show me 2 - use

Miami Ken and Nick names - use!Miami Ken and Nick sh9ow each other - use!Miami Ken and Nick show me - use!Miami Ken and Nick show me close up 1 useMiami Ken and Nick show me close up 2 use

Andrew & JR names 4 - useAndrew & JR reveal 4 useAndrew & JR show me 4

Miami Rich and Carlos names use!Miami Rich and Carlos show me - use!

Eric & Richard name 1 useEric & Richard reveal 4 useEric & Richard show me 2 use
Anna Maria & Yesenia names -- useAnna Maria & Yesenia reveal 4Anna Maria & Yesenia reveal 2Anna Maria & Yesenia response 2 use

Miami vow renewal couple - use!Miami vow renewal couple kiss -use!

The whole thing was adorable and lovely and wonderful. Congratulations to the plaintiff couples and everyone I met in Florida! See you in April…?