And in the end, the left was right

DSC_6176 (2)

Well, after all the predictions that we were going to get something different out of the court – about how they’d decide, about when they’d announced, about who’d write the decision, about how the numbers would split – in the end, we got an announcement the day they’d announced similar decisions twice before, written by a justice who’d written those same decisions and a split from a divided court along predictable lines. But, unlike Windsor two years ago, when the 26th fell on a Wednesday (not that that had stopped anyone from celebrating), this year the court was nice enough to release on a Friday. In our favor.

Pam and Nicole, 2 of the Ohio plaintiffs, traveled to DC for the decision and were kind enough to take part in this project. Grayden and Orion, not pictured, are both off-the-charts adorable. That’s Spencer Perry behind them, and if you squint extra hard you can see Kris and Sandy way in the back.

DSC_5303 Pam and Nicole show each other editedDSC_5305 Pam and Nicole show me edited

DSC_5292 Rachel and Kelly show me editedDSC_5391 Kara and Ami show each other editedDSC_5407 Kara and Ami show me edited

DSC_5355Michael and Kevin years together editedDSC_5362 Michael and Kevin show each other editedDSC_5377_edited

DSC_5310 Sheila and Kathy years together editedDSC_5324 Sheila and Kathy show each other editedDSC_5328 Sheila and Kathy show me edited

DSC_5250 Michael and Pedro years together editedDSC_5269 Michael and Pedro show me editedDSC_5277 (2)

DSC_5286 Rachel and Kelly years together editedDSC_5290 Rachel and Kelly show each other editedDSC_5292_edited

I waited too long to go to the lockers after the decision was read, so I wasn’t able to run out the front doors right away with the first viewing group and I got “stuck” behind with the plaintiffs while security waited for some of the crowds to disperse. It wasn’t intentional on my part, but it meant I was able to get some interesting behind-the-scenes photos. To wit:


Oh hey there John Becker

Oh hey there John Becker

Enough court! Party time!

DSC_5413 HRC love wins window sign edited

DSC_5420 HRC cake editedHRC_staff_yearstogether_editedHRC_staff_showeachother_edited

DSC_5440 Adam and Ryan years together editedDSC_5445 Adam and Ryan show each other editedDSC_5446 Adam and Ryan show me edited








This happened:


But before it got really dark, there was this:







Nellie’s! Town! Marriage! Friends! Angelina’s pizza!








SAGE Metro DC had their annual summer pool party the next night

DSC_6128 (2)DSC_5987_edited


Hurray for supportive parents Fred and Marge!


DSC_6098 (2)DSC_6118 (2)



DSC_5998_editedDSC_6009 (2)DSC_6012 (2)DSC_6098 (2)

I brought my camera with me Sunday morning, just for fun. I found this trio chillin’ in A-town. We’re everywhere.

DSC_6145 (2)DSC_6150 (2)

I don’t know what, if anything, this blog will be now that marriage is here, but the “road to marriage equality” series is certainly complete. Creating this has been quite the ride (literally, with trains 🚄 and buses 🚌!) and I’ve had a blast. Thank you for being a part of it, however you were! 😍


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