Marriage Equality USA’s NYC closing party

What do you do after you’ve worked yourself out of a job? Throw a party at The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center! Marriage Equality USA did just that in New York City, just 2 days before the 1 year anniversary of the Obergefell arguments at the Supreme Court.

This is what two decades of campaign swag and photos look like.

DSC_7178-minDSC_7174-minDSC_6856-minDSC_6842-minDSC_7168-minDSC_7167-minDSC_7165-minDSC_7158-minDSC_7156-minDSC_7154-minDSC_6810-min (1)DSC_6795-minDSC_6844-minDSC_6841-minDSC_6793-min - Copy

DSC_6850-min DSC_6834-min DSC_6835-min

Every organization displays a thank-you note from the President at their closing celebration, right?DSC_6819-min (1)

Current (and final!) MEUSA Executive Director and his fiancé Jonathan were game for my questions.


I’d like to submit as my thesis that this series of photos visually depicts Brian’s commitment to quality and attention to detail and gives some insight as to why the organization was so successful. “Jonathan just erased his! I need the eraser.” “It’s OK, I’m sure everything looks great.” “I’m redoing mine.” “OK, Brian.”

SCOTUS plaintiffs Joseph Vitale and Rob Talmas.


New York plaintiffs Michael Sabatino and Robert Voorheis





Congratulations to all! Marriage Equality USA as an organization is no more – but their network and resources live on as part of Freedom For All Americans. There’s plenty more work that needs to be done, and FFAA is on the job.



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